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Semi finished pearl paste
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  • Date : 2022-12-27
Pearl cream is a kind of beauty and skin care product. It can moisturize and replenish skin moisture, increase deep cell nutrition, and keep skin young, healthy, and naturally white. Pearl cream can activate cells, repair aged and rough skin, achieve the effect of making skin soft, smooth, white and red, so as to glow youthful vitality and make people young and beautiful.

[Efficacy] The unique nourishing and skin care active ingredients can promote skin metabolism, enhance skin cell vitality and skin elasticity, and moisturize and soften the skin. It has the effect of removing acne and spots, especially suitable for facial whelks, stains, skin defects and chaps, and can reduce the damage to skin caused by high temperature, low temperature, sandstorm and other harsh environments, leaving skin white, ruddy, tender and pleasant. Pearl cream has a long history, and has the outstanding effects of anti wrinkle and anti-aging, inhibiting and eliminating acne, freckles, acne, chaps and so on.

[Usage] Evenly apply proper amount to the cleaned face and neck. When using pearl cream at the beginning, pay attention to using it less, and gradually increase it after your skin gets used to it. Otherwise, it is easy to block pores and cause acne.

Pearl cream, when applied, feels a little dry at first, but it is not dry, but the reason why it has not been dissolved; Because the current advanced formula is used in the product formula - no water solvent is involved. The advantage of this is that it can make the nutrients in the pearl cream and other skin health enhancing factors effectively absorbed by the skin. Therefore, when using it, after applying a proper amount of pearl cream, it is advisable to massage it slowly with slight force to make it cling to the skin and let your body temperature slowly dissolve and absorb. After absorption and dissolution, the skin will be bright and bright rather than dry. After being used for a period of time, the skin will be healthy and ruddy because it has been maintained and absorbed nutrients.
1、 Use: It can not only be used as isolation or foundation cream at ordinary times. The touch up effect is beautiful and natural, and the taste is very comfortable. It absolutely does not contain lead, mercury or other toxic substances, so you can use it with confidence
2、 The magic of it is that when your face has small pimples or skin allergies, apply a layer of it evenly (thicker if the problem is serious), then make an overnight facial mask, get up the next morning and wipe it with makeup water. You will be surprised to find that the effect is better than those of hundreds of big brands. All friends who want to deal with acne and whitening can try.

In order to give full play to the whitening and brightening effect of the pearl cream, the use of pearl cream is very important!! First of all, remember that the pearl cream should be used behind the toner and lotion. The method used is: take some pearl cream with your forefinger in the palm of your hand, gently wipe it with your hands, and then gently press or pat it on your face, so that the pearl cream will be more comfortable and natural! It can be used during the day or before going to bed.

Note: When using pearl cream as foundation make-up, it must be wiped with sponge, and lotion must be used before wiping, otherwise it will be too dry! (The rare one is not authentic, please identify it)

When making a facial mask, you can pat your face with your fingers, but you also need to use lotion as a base.

The cream will be thicker in autumn and winter, and thinner in spring and summer.
According to the different temperatures in each area, after the pearl cream has been placed for a period of time, very few people will find the surface changes of the pearl cream. This is normal, and does not affect any effect. Just stir it. The pearl cream is not oil soluble, so sometimes the inner cover will absorb the yellow base oil, because there is no thickening component in it, you can use it with confidence.

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